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May 13, 2021 in Announcements

How WASI Makes Containerization More Efficient

By Marco Fioretti WebAssembly, or Wasm for brevity, is a standardized binary format that allows software written in any language to run without customizations on any platform, inside sandboxes or…
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May 11, 2021 in Announcements

Save up to 50% on Cloud Training Bundles and Bootcamps!

We probably don’t need to tell you how in demand cloud skills are right now, and how big of a shortage there is of qualified professionals. Just read these articles…
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May 4, 2021 in Announcements

Linux Foundation & CNCF Launch Free Kubernetes on Edge Training

Offered on the learning platform, the new online course explores use cases and applications of Kubernetes at the edge SAN FRANCISCO, May 4, 2021 – The Linux Foundation, the…
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