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Business Considerations for 5G, IoT and AI (LFS110x)

Learn how networks are being redefined to support a 5G world and what is required of businesses to take advantage of new technologies like IoT, Edge and AI.

Who Is It For

This course is for both managers and their technical partners who will be the ones to build the next great innovations based on the capabilities of 5G.
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What You’ll Learn

In this course you will learn to discern between the hype and real opportunities of 5G technologies, understand where we are in the 5G rollout and what to expect next, understand how 5G will impact your business, explore the technologies driving network modernization, what use cases apply to your business, and begin to take the first steps towards building and executing a transition strategy that prepares your business for the 5G future.
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What It Prepares You For

You will walk away from this course with a fundamental understanding of the market pressures and a basic understanding of the technologies driving the shift to 5G – technologies like Edge computing, IoT and AI.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Welcome to the 5G World
Chapter 2. 5G Takes You to the Edge
Chapter 3. 5G, Edge, IoT, and AI Give Birth to Digital Transformation
Chapter 4. Preparing Your Network for the 5G World
Chapter 5. Moving Beyond Imagination
Final Exam (Verified Certificate track only)


Final Exam (Verified Certificate track only).

To make the most of this course, you will need:

A basic understanding of 5G, IoT, AI concepts and terminology.