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Cloud Foundry for Developers (LFD232) + CFCD Exam Bundle

Who Is It For

This certification is for experienced Cloud Foundry developers responsible for deploying and managing applications with Cloud Foundry.
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What You’ll Learn

This course is designed to equip developers with a valuable, marketable skill set across all Cloud Foundry certified platform distributions. You will learn how to use Cloud Foundry to build, deploy and manage a cloud native microservice solution. The course has extensive labs so developers can learn by doing.
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What It Demonstrates

A Certified Cloud Foundry developer will competently use Cloud Foundry to deploy and manage applications.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Course Introduction
Chapter 2. CF Motivators
Chapter 3. Basic Definitions
Chapter 4.Technical Overview
Chapter 5. Core Themes
Chapter 6. Logging and Metrics
Chapter 7. Resiliency
Chapter 8. Services
Chapter 9. Twelve-Factor Applications
Chapter 10. Log Drain Review
Chapter 11. Manipulating Routes
Chapter 12. App Execution and Security Groups
Chapter 13. Staging and Running
Chapter 14. Microservices
Chapter 15. Route Services
Chapter 16. Docker
Chapter 17. TCP Routing
Chapter 18. UAA and OAuth2
Chapter 19. Cascading Failure
Chapter 20. Distributed Tracing
Chapter 21. Application Lifecycle
Chapter 22. Non-Breaking Changes

Exam Domains & Competencies
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Application Lifecycle
Buildpack sources (system,git)
Health checks
Buildpack release notes
Application Management
CF push
CF start/stop/restart/restage
CF delete
CF app
Scaling (horizontal/vertical)
Application manifests
CLI plugins
CF help
Orgs & spaces
CF curl
Environment Variables
Platform Security
Roles & Permissions
Application security groups
Route management
Inter-application communication
Service brokers
Managed services
Service instance lifecycle & use
Sharing service instances
Space scoped brokers
Service keys
Route confusion
Out of memory
Troubleshoot SVC connection
Route collision

The Linux Foundation worked with industry experts and the Linux kernel community to identify the core domains and the critical skills, knowledge and competencies applicable to each certification. Performance-based exams were then developed based on the competencies that were identified.
Exam Details & Resources

This is an online proctored exam that can take up to three hours to complete.It includes performance-based tasks and multiple choice questions, to test individual developers on their practical and conceptual knowledge of Cloud Foundry and general cloud-native architectural principles.

In order to get the most out of this course:

You should be an active developer, comfortable using command line tools and familiar with basic cloud computing concepts. Be familiar with Java/Spring, Node.js and/or Ruby is a plus. Our free Introduction to LFS132 Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture course is useful preparation for this course.

You will need to provide your own Cloud Foundry instance to complete this course. While you can install Cloud Foundry locally, this can be challenging and will consume a lot of resources on your computer. There are hosted providers that may provide free trials, but their offerings do tend to change, and may impose resource limitations. In such cases, you may have to upgrade to a paid plan to complete the labs.